Pratica (9) 0,5 P.

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Pratica (9) – 0,5 level module
The does cages of Pratica series were first developed in 1996, to make the routine management of the breeding farm easier. A special door mounted every 3 boxes with double timed opening enables the breeders to access the does box effortlessly and simplifies control, cleaning, positioning, palpation, insemination and weaning operation. The nest is enclosed by two pre-moulded plastic partitions and by a mobile galvanised sheet steel panel featuring a porthole for programmed lactation. Each box is equipped with its own semi-circular plastic feed trough with stainless steel collection tray and of see-trough feed pipes for optimal feeding supervision.

This module also features a hot galvanised tubolar arched roof support, pipes with plastic drop and lock units, a feed dispensing steel auger devide, and a full kit of hooks, screws and springs. It is also a multi-purpose cage for the fattening up to 6 animals per box in the 870mm deep model, and 7 animals in the 1030mm deep model. The 0,5 level module is reserved for wall rows. Nest kits and antiurine slide are sold separately. Nest kits should be quantified based on the selected management system.