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NAF Layer cage is our innovative design for years of superior performance. We offer egg producers the outstanding production performance cage system they expect from TSIS.

Rugged cage stand provides durable support. PP manure curtain are fastened using stainless steel material, easier installation and greater durability.

The feeding with feed hoppers and adjustable dosing slides ensures a uniform distribution of the feed over the entire length of the farm house. Therefore, each birds group has got the same quantity and quality of feed.

With our good cage floor slope improves egg roll-out; thus, crack eggs and dirty eggs decreases tremendously.

Birds are housed on hygienic flooring, that reduces contact with manure, thus improving biosecurity and reducing exposure to pathogen. The manure falls onto manure belt transported out of the house frequently. Ammonia and fine dust levels are extremely low, ensuring a healthy climate for both birds and farm support personnel.

Cages are available in 3-tier to 6-tiers high models in cage rows up to 120 meters long. Use with PP manure-belt removal system or high-rise houses (without manure removal system).


TSIS evolutionary Start/Grow system combine the best of the starter and grower cage system to provide two-in-one system for smoother transition of the chick’s development. This system is specially designed for day old chick up to three (3) months, all under one roof. This optimum use of space results in a more economical system.

Cages are available in 3-tier high models in cage rows up to 120 meters long. Use with PP manure-belt removal system.